Working with Dark Hair

Fact 1: Lightening Dark hair is a Very Challenging Task

Dark hair is heavy on the natural pigment melanin, which comes in two varieties: Black eumelanin, and red pheomelanin. When hair is bleached, black melanin breaks down faster than the red melanin. As a result, hair bleaching exposes unpleasant reddish undertones. The intensity of these undertones depends on how dark the starting hair level is. To neutralize the exposed undertones, hairdressers follow hair bleach with a second toning step. Besides being time consuming, the double process does not always results with the right shade.

Fact 2: The Chroma-7 System provides several Solutions for Dark Hair

Chroma-7 addresses differences in hair pigmentation by creating shades designed for different hair levels. For example, it is currently not feasible to lighten black hair to pale blond in a single application. Many times it is desirable to lift dark hair to a pleasant dark blond level without going much lighter. Chroma-7 has a shade to do just that. Chroma-7’s Natural Blond can take dark hair to a pleasant dark blond tone in one step. It lightens the hair by seven levels and simultaneously deposits enough tone to neutralize all the orange undertones.

In other situations, all the client needs is just to break the base and lift by only a couple of shades without going orange. Chroma-7 provides two shades which can do that: Biscotti and Chestnut. Biscotti is an ash tone which delivers outstanding natural brown highlights on dark hair, while Chestnut delivers an attractive warmer natural brown.