Well Water Users

The Problem: Well Water Plays Havoc with Salon Services

Well water, used by many communities around the country and around the world, is enriched with a large number of minerals. Hard water is just one example. Although hard water (enriched with calcium and magnesium) is usually harmless, yet it casts on the hair a dull appearance and leaves it with a weighted feel. Calcium and magnesium, bind to the negative sites on the hair and cause the hair to cling together and lose its “body”. Well water also contains iron, copper, zinc, chromium and other metals that affect negatively all salon services and result in unsatisfactory results both in the salon and at home.

The Solution: Get Pure

Get Pure professional hair clarifying treatment will free the hair of all minerals and restore its light feel and body. It readies the hair for any salon service. The hair will feel soft and look shiny. The salon service will look outstanding.