Uneven Hair Color

The Problem: Uneven Hair Color

Many times, and to the puzzlement of the hairdresser, hair color comes out uneven on a head of hair especially on top of the hair, the hair line surrounding the face, or along the tips. These occurrences are quite frequent and are the result of selective contamination of the hair with metals. People usually step under the shower without allowing enough time for the water sitting in the pipes to rinse out. This water may contain higher levels of rust or copper. Similarly, by being more porous hair tips absorb more metals than the fiber body. Skin foundations and makeup which are based on metallic lakes come in contact with hair roots around the face, where hair is quite healthy. Metals cause color to deposit mostly on the surface without much penetration. The deposited color is shallow and washes out. On the porous tips, color penetrates deeper into the pores and metals cause faster and more intense development of color inside the tips.

The Solution: Get Pure

By removing metals, dye molecules are allowed equal time along the length of the fiber and the color comes out more even. The tips may still look slightly darker due to porosity, but the difference in deposit will not be as strong as with the contaminated hair.