Time Is Money

Fact 1: Double Process Highlighting is Time Consuming and Messy

The traditional double process method of hair lightening and toning is time consuming and limits the options of the hairdresser to use time efficiently and profitably. Two to three hours may be needed to achieve major color change especially on dark hair. Therefore fewer services are possible in one day, and clients are tied down to a chair for hours.

Fact 2: Chroma-7 One-step System Eliminates Double Processing

With Chroma-7, dramatic color change is possible in no more than 30 minutes. This allows hairdressers more free time to schedule more appointments in one day and increase their income. Also, hair highlights now can be offered as an add-on service to a haircut. Even if clients were booked for haircut appointments only, they can be offered add-on highlights in as little as 10 minutes without the need to re-book them for another appointment. Haircut would be greatly enhanced by a few highlighting panels and hairdressers can enhance their income without the need to add on new clients.