Swollen or Hot Foils

The Problem: Swollen or Hot Foils

When foils are used during hair highlighting, hair lightening, hair coloring or any hair bleaching operation, they occasionally swell and become warm to the touch or even hot. In some instances they become steamy and burn the scalp. The culprit is metallic buildup in the hair, most often in the form of copper. Metals like copper speed up the breakdown of peroxide, releasing oxygen gas very quickly and causing the foils to swell. This is followed by heat generation. Besides the potential of causing injury to the client, swollen or heated foils is an indication that the chemical service has been compromised and poor results generally will follow.

The Solution: Get Pure Clarifying Treatment

It is a good and safe practice to make sure the hair is free of metals before any chemical service. In most cases, with the exception of green hair, it is not possible to tell beforehand which hair is contaminated with metals. When metal presence is suspected, it is usually too late to save the service. By using Get Pure clarifying treatment prior to any service, one is assured that the salon service will come right every time.