Swimmer’s Green Hair

Problem: Unsightly Swimmer’s Green hair:

Swimmers’ green hair (also referred to as Green Hair Syndrome) is the greenish tint observed in the blond hair of swimmers. It has been determined that the greenish tint in the hair of swimmers is the result of copper build-up from swimming pools which are frequently treated with algaecides to kill algae. Copper is a major ingredient of those algaecides. Swimmers’ green is not due to chlorine as some people erroneously think, although chlorine intensifies the process. This green hair tint is independent of hair type or color. Black or brown hair binds as much copper as light blonde hair although the greenish color obviously is not readily visible with darker hair.

The Solution: Get Pure

Until Get Pure technology was developed and patented by L’Avant Garde, there has been no product on the market which could remove copper and other metals from swimmers’ hair effectively and completely with one simple treatment. Get Pure is a professional hair clarifying treatment.