Perm-Resistant Hair

The Problem: Perm Does Not “Take” or Perm Relaxes Quickly

Naturally in most cases, there is no such thing as perm-resistant hair. It is the build-up on the hair that falsely gives the impression of hair resistant to permanent waving. Iron in rusty hair or copper in green hair and swimmers’ hair will interfere with permanent waving in two ways: First, these metals weaken the perm solution by prematurely oxidizing the reducing agent, preventing the re-structuring of keratin molecules. Second, these metals speed up the breakdown of the peroxide of the re-bonding step, further reducing the efficacy of the perm. The end result is that the perm does not “take” because the keratin molecules could not re-arrange themselves since the weakened perm solution could not break enough disulfide bonds. The hair is then thought to be resistant to perm, where in fact it is not. And even if the perm did “take”, the depleted peroxide bonding solution is now incapable of locking back the keratin molecules in their new position and the perm starts to relax right away.

The Solution: Get Pure Hair Clarifying Treatment

A Get Pure hair clarifying treatment prior to a perm service can eliminate potential problems resulting from contaminated hair by removing interfering metals, and guarantees that the perm service will work every time.