One-Step Color Highlighting

Fact 1 : Highlighting Hair with Color is Challenging

Highlighting dark hair with color used to be a long messy double process because bleach and color don’t mix. Hair had to be bleached first to remove natural pigment and then colored in a second step. This double process normally takes at least two hours if everything goes well. Hairdressers could book only a limited number of clients per day.

Fact 2 : Chroma-7 Makes Color Highlighting so Easy

The patented Chroma-7 technology from L’Avant Garde allows the hairdresser to bleach the hair and color it at the same time with any color imaginable in as little as 10 minutes. Chroma-7’s red shades such as Raging Red and Sunrise Red can lighten even tinted hair by up to seven levels and at the same time deposit bright red or golden red colors. Other red shades such as Merlot, Sunset Red, Blueberry and Cinnamon are designed to lift only 2-4 levels while depositing rich attractive shades.
Three primary colors, Fuchsia Shock (magenta), Lemon Twist (yellow) and Blue Magic (blue) are designed as artist tools to design any color in the color spectrum. These three primary colors (The Brights) can lift seven levels with simultaneous color deposit.