One-Step Blonding & Toning

Fact 1: Traditionally, Lightening and Toning Hair is a Lengthy Double-Process 

When hair is lightened, unsightly brassy undertones are exposed. In the past, hair bleaching was a laborious double process where hair bleach is applied first, rinsed out, and a toner is applied in a second step. The reason for this is that bleach tends to destroy hair dyes. The double process normally takes two hours or more, and hairdressers could book only a limited number of clients per day.

Fact 2: With Chroma-7, Fact 1 is no Longer True

The patented Chroma-7 One-Step lightening and coloring technology from L’Avant Garde allows the hairdresser to bleach the hair and tone it at the same time in as little as 10 minutes. Chroma-7’s blonding shades such as Pure Platinum, Pure Gold, Natural Blond, Blush Blond, Biscotti and Chestnut have stable built-in toners which work in conjunction with the bleach to lift hair pigment and even hair tint and tone the hair in one easy step. Up to seven levels of lift and toning can be achieved with Pure Platinum, Pure Gold, Natural Blond and Blush Blond using Chroma-7 Special Developers, while Biscotti and Chestnut are designed for 2-4 levels of lift and toning.