Metal Buildup in the Hair

What is the Source of Metal Build-up in the Hair?

Metal build-up in hair is unavoidable. Well water, metallic pipes, swimming pools, and even several cosmetic products contain all sorts of metals which bind to the hair. Binding of these metals is so strong that once they are captured by the hair, they cannot be washed off with regular shampoos. As a result, there is gradual build-up which only gets worse with time. The extent to which minerals in general bind to hair depends on several factors such as hair condition and porosity, length of the fiber, and duration of exposure.

How does Metallic Build-up Affect the Hair?

Metal build-up in the hair can lead to many undesirable and sometimes adverse effects. When build-up levels exceed the normal ranges, discoloration of the hair becomes visible. Iron casts a typical rusty look to the hair; lead gives it a black tone; copper results in green hair; while calcium and magnesium deposits are colorless. Metals can ruin chemical treatments such as hair coloring, hair bleaching, hair highlighting, permanent waving and hair relaxing, and may lead to serious complications.

What is the Remedy?

Get Pure clarifying treatment is the most effective tools to rid the hair of all metallic contaminants. L’Avant Garde’s patented clarifying technology was tested against all similar professional products and was proved to be superior to all of them.