Medications and smoke odor in hair

Problem: Medications and Other Build-up in Hair

It is generally perceived that people on various types of medications have a harder time managing their hair. Similarly, people living in households where some members of the family are tobacco smokers, tend to complain of unmanageable hair and of smoke odor which permeates their hair. Obviously, the dozens of chemicals in medications and tobacco smoke can adhere strongly to the hair. Also, many cosmetic hair products contain metals in their formulations. Products which fall into this category include hair conditioners, anti-dandruff shampoos, hair colorants containing lead acetate, henna, or other plant extracts, and skin products containing metallic lakes. Other styling aid products contain resins and polymers which tend to coat the hair and are difficult to remove. Regular shampoos and conditioners also deposit different constituents on the hair. The end result is a continuous build-up of a wide range of chemicals which can adversely affect the feel, shine and texture of hair, depriving it of a healthy look.

The Solution: Get Pure

Because Get Pure is designed to remove all types of build-up, they leave the hair with the most pristine condition it can attain. This results in superior manageability and elimination of all odors.