COVID-19 Response

We are all in this together.

COVID-19 is quickly overwhelming email inboxes, newsfeeds and our collective sense of certainty. 

During this time, it is essential that each of us practice simple, preventative measures as recommended by public health authorities and therefore effective immediately; Coastline Enterprise is taking the following steps to ensure smooth operations and non-impacted continuity and quality of service:

  • All in-person classes will be conducted via online solutions. You’ll still get all the same great content in a safer virtual environment. We’ll take advantage of technology to provide an effective and efficient learning opportunity. 
  • We’ll continue to fulfill all product order requests online or by phone.
  • We’re expanding our 15-minute “brain date” calls with Lisa Kelley so that anyone in the Coastline Community will have the opportunity to talk to our leaders about the salon industry.
  • We’re encouraging the salons in the Coastline Community to take any actions they deem necessary to do their part to defeat the virus.

We are all in this together — please be safe.

Lisa, Leo, and the Coastline Team


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