Coloring Pre-Lightened Hair

Fact 1: Using Lighteners on Pre-lightened Hair is not Recommended

It is not recommended to use Chroma-7 one-step lightening & coloring powders or any other lightener on hair which is already pre-lightened because bleach rules must be followed.

Fact 2: Re-Vibe Color Refreshers Work Well on Pre-lightened Hair

Re-Vibe color refreshers are designed to be used on hair which has already been pre-lightened either with Chroma-7 one-step lightening & coloring powders or with any other regular bleach on the market. If Chroma-7 powders were used in the salon, then matching Re-Vibe color refreshers are prescribed by the hairdressers for in-home use. These can be used as often as needed and on all types of pre-lightened hair no matter what the condition of the hair is.

If hair has been pre-lightened with traditional bleach, then any of the Re-Vibe color refreshers may be used directly on dry hair and processed for about 5 minutes then rinsed off. Longer processing time or processing under heat will intensify the color. These color refreshers are very mild and can be applied to hair as often as desired. They must be used as is, and they should not be mixed with peroxide or added to Chroma-7 powders.