Color Washout

Problem: Color Washout

If hair is contaminated with metals, then dye molecules will not be allowed enough time to penetrate deeper inside the hair fiber and they deposit color mostly on the surface. This leads to eventual washout of the deposited color. Sometimes, however, hair may not be contaminated with metals but it may be quite porous so that color deposited inside the hair will leach out through the enlarged pores with repeated washing.

The Solution: Get Pure, High Radiance and Re-Vibe Color Refresher

If metal contamination is suspected, then Get Pure clarifying treatment will remove the metals and enable dye molecules to penetrate deeper inside the hair, preventing them from being washed out.

If the hair is porous, then it may not be able to hold the color in especially when shampooing the hair with the wrong shampoos. L’Avant Garde’s High Radiance shampoo for colored treated hair is formulated specifically to prolong the life of hair color and reduce its washout. To restore color luster, Re-Vibe Color Refresher will add back any color lost due to washout, fading, or otherwise. It can do that easily and quickly and the color can look as fresh as day one. Red shades even on clean virgin hair, tend to wash out and fade faster than dark shades. Re-Vibe color refreshers can match any shade and bring back its vibrancy in as little as 5 minutes.