LISA KELLEY – President

Lisa Kelley is the President of Coastline Enterprise and KōLAB Education, a national distributor and generic education resource. Together Coastline and KōLAB offer salons and manufacturers a groundbreaking style of education designed to preserve the integrity of the industry.  She has 27 years of experience as a Hairstylist, Educator, Platform Artist and Expert Witness.

As the former Director of Education for a large distributor in the Northeast, she has worked with several of the largest hair color companies in the industry. She was also the National Director of Education for a privately owned manufacturer of hair color and products, working closely with hair color and cosmetic chemists for creation and development of color and retail products.  She has written color manuals for several manufactures. Lisa is also a leading Expert Witness for hair color lawsuits through the TASA Group.  She’s called on to provide testimony regarding the science and chemical repercussions of improper hair color use and hi-lighting mistakes.  Lisa is an American Board Certified Hair Colorist and an ABCH evaluator.


Coastline EnterprisesLeo Lapierre is the CEO of Coastline Enterprise. He has been educating owners and stylists for over 30 years in how to make it easier to make money more quickly and consistently. Owners and stylists find the techniques and strategies extremely effective and easy to use.

The “System” is just like doing color: it has formulas that when followed, produces consistent and predictable results. You’ll benefit from his experience and success of working with stylists just starting out with no clientele to stylists doing over $4,000 a week and salons having yearly sales of $40,000 to over $5 million! He has answers and to your salon problems and frustrations. Leo offers free consultations to any one who has questions about his programs or other areas of their business.

BRENDA AMARAL – Vice President of Education

Brenda Amaral is the Vice President of Education for Coastline Enterprise and KōLAB Education and a Leading Platform Artist and Educator. She is an American Board Certified Hair Colorist as well as an evaluator for the American Board of Certified Hair Colorists.   She has trained color educators from a number of the major hair color manufacturers and is a powerful presence in the classroom.  Brenda epitomizes the phrase “Art and Science”. Her endless knowledge of technical hair color combined with her creativity is what makes her one of the best colorists in the country. She has a degree in communications and is also a working stylist, colorist and the owner of Gwen Mireille Salon. Her communication skills allow her to translate the most technical part of hair color into an easy, understandable language. Her presence and presentation as an instructor is simply amazing!

JEFFREY KILCOYNE – Creative Education Director

Jeffrey Kilcoyne is the Creative Education Director for Coastline Enterprise and KōLAB Education, a veteran hairdresser, salon owner, facilitator and American Board Certified Hair Colorist. Jeffrey grew up surrounded by the salon industry; he is carrying on the hairdressing experience that was passed down to him by his grandparents and mother. Previously Jeffrey traveled the country as a member of the KMS California Artistic Team and as a Redken National Performing Artist. Jeffrey has a broad range of experience from main stage, academy classes, hands-on workshops, fashion shows, magazine shoots and film. Jeffrey’s foundation in principles of design and finishing allows him to take classic influences and fuse them with innovative techniques to produce “salon-able” results. He speaks to the new stylist, the seasoned stylist and the salon owner about turning these results into profits. Well into his 13th successful year as Senior Artistic Director at Jeffrey Robert Salon, Jeffrey has had the pleasure of building, training and working with an award winning team.

KERRI HEBB – National Artist

Kerri Hebb is a National Artist for Coastline Enterprise and KōLAB Education, an American Board Certified Hair Colorist and a seasoned professional with almost 30 years in the beauty industry. Her career started at a young age when she passed the state board exam before entering her senior year of high school and that passion has not diminished over the years. Kerri was a recognized educator for Rusk, facilitating in-salon classes and events and demonstrating at many well-known trade shows. In addition to working full time behind the chair Kerri has focused on styling for brides, bridal shows and editorial work. Kerri has spent her career accumulating an abundance of experience and knowledge that she gladly shares with every learner she meets.


Sharon Clohesy is a Certified Trichologist, Licensed Cosmetology Educator and Demonstrator, and salon owner. Sharon serves as a Massachusetts PBA state captain and Events Manager for Skills USA cosmetology vocational competitions. She has completed extensive academic and clinical training in Trichology and has become a member of International Association of Trichologists.  Sharon has owned her own salon for seventeen years. Her studio is known for its level of client care and attention to detail. In 2016 she founded Hair and Scalp 360 to consult on trichology issues and to serve as an educational platform for salon owners and stylist so they can offer clients the most up to date information on a variety of hair and scalp conditions.  Sharon has wide-ranging experience in Cosmetology education, as a seminar speaker, in salon marketing and management, and as an educator for a major hair loss company. She is sought after as a speaker and educator because of her breadth of knowledge, her straightforward manner, and her entertaining touch. Whether you’re a long-time stylist, salon owner, or a student beginning your career, Sharon’s seminar will leave you with a few smiles and several new possibilities to enhance your professional skills and your clients’ experience.


Jeanne is an American Board Certified Hair Colorist and accomplished hairstylist with over 25 years of experience behind the chair. Jeanne believes continuing education is an important part of a hairstylist’s career and has received various advanced certificates in cutting and coloring thru many major industry leaders. In addition to her technical achievements, she is dedicated to promoting professionalism in the hair industry and focuses strongly on building long term client relationships thru consultation and communication.

AMY BARR – Educator

Amy is from the greater Portland area of Maine, with 30 years of experience behind the chair. She has received many certificates from leaders in the industry for technical skills, along with business education to advance herself successfully over the years. She is working towards her ABCH certification.   Her motto is “knowledge is power”.  Amy loves sharing her knowledge with her guests to empower them to have a better experience starting with the consultation and extending to their at home care needs. She feels when you know better, you do better. Passing on her knowledge shows her level of commitment, professionalism, and passion for this industry.

KIM MESSING – Educator

Kim Messing has over 32 years of experience in the professional salon industry as a stylist, salon owner and educator. Kim’s success is based on her authenticity, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence through education. She has an ability to connect with other salon professionals through her passion, which inspires others to work smart and be great at what they do. Kim is an American Board Certified Colorist.