LISA KELLEY - President

Lisa Kelley is the President of Coastline Enterprise a national distributor, providing professional only products and brand-free education to salons and stylists around the country. Coastline offers salons, distributors, and manufacturers a groundbreaking style of education designed to preserve the integrity of the industry. She has 33 years of experience as a Hairstylist, Educator, Platform Artist, and Expert Witness.

As the former Director of Education for a large distributor in the Northeast, she has worked with several of the largest hair color companies in the industry. She was also the National Director of Education for a privately owned manufacturer of hair color and products, working closely with hair color and cosmetic chemists for creation and development of color and retail products. She has written color manuals for several hair color manufactures. Lisa is also a leading Expert Witness for hair color lawsuits throughout the country. She’s called on to provide testimony regarding the science and chemical repercussions of improper hair color use, product failure and high lighting mistakes. In 2018 Lisa was recognized, honored, and awarded membership to, The Women of Distinction.


Coastline EnterprisesLeo Lapierre is the CEO of Coastline Enterprise. He has been educating owners and stylists for over 30 years in how to make it easier to make money more quickly and consistently. Owners and stylists find the techniques and strategies extremely effective and easy to use.

The “System” is just like doing color: it has formulas that when followed, produce consistent and predictable results. You’ll benefit from his experience and success of working with stylists just starting out with no clientele to stylists doing over $4,000 a week and salons having yearly sales of $40,000 to over $5 million! He has answers and to your salon problems and frustrations. Leo offers free consultations to any one who has questions about his programs or other areas of their business.

FRANCO MARINO - Education and Design Team Co-Leader

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Franco is a renowned platform artist who has graced the stages of every major show in this country and Italy for the last 30 years. Italian born, he started his career in Italy before relocating to New York. Franco worked in Manhattan as a stylist, working and training with Sassoon educators perfecting his skills in cutting and design. To complete his vision, he started to dive into hair color and realized quickly it was his true passion. He spent several years working with different hair color manufacturers as an educator and platform artist.

His marriage of Cutting and Color Synergy, his signature class, is in demand from coast to coast. He invented Colortraxx, a patented color application tool, became an American Board Certified Colorist and presenter at their annual Energizing Summit, is the owner of Magna Shears and Maglet bracelet, and also in addition to all this is the owner and operator of Beautiful Hair Color Salon and Westchester Hair Academy in New York. You have probably seen some of his work on the pages of Modern Salon, American Salon, Salon Today, Salon News, and Hair Color and Design Magazines. He also has other accomplishments: Best of Westchester Magazine 2004, 2005, 2010, 2012. They also named him the Go to Guy for the most gorgeous women in 2006.

He enjoys sharing his passion, experience, leadership, and expertise with stylists. Coastline Enterprise is beyond thrilled to have him lead their Education and Design team alongside Lisa Kelley.

RANDY HEGSTROM - Business Development

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After years working in corporate America including a fortune 500 company. Randy left that world, returned to his home state of Maine and entered the professional beauty industry. After the first couple of years realizing it's just another sales job; fate stepped in and Randy was introduced to one of the top salon consultants, hair color educators, and one of the top hair color chemists in the industry. After realizing all he’d done and said his first couple of years was hurting salons more than helping; he did an about-face.

He spent the next 10 years learning how to correctly run salons successfully in business and every aspect of hair color chemistry. He opened his own distributor in Maine and brought the best education he could to stylists. He is also a consultant, educator and business associate of Coastline Education. Conducting classes all over New England bringing business and chemistry classes to salons and stylists. His knowledge and experience of 17 years in the professional beauty industry make him an asset to Coastline.


Heidi CatonHeidi is an educator with Coastline Enterprise. Heidi’s career spans more than 25 years. She has been an educator with a major chain, a salon owner for 17 years, and now rents a booth as an independent stylist. Her passion for the industry still stands. Heidi absolutely loves sharing her passion, experience, and knowledge with others. In her spare time Heidi loves adventures, new experiences, and traveling.


Cyndi Dionne Cyndi is a triple threat educator. Salon owner, Board Certified Haircolorist, and an Expertly trained stylist. She brings all her knowledge and skills to Coastline Enterprise's educational team. She has mastered how to run a big very successful salon and be behind the chair to an art form. Not only is her skill level amazing, her business knowledge of making it all happen is just a thrill to see and hear. A total asset to our amazing team of educators and Coastline Enterprise. We are thrilled to have her.


Tracy EatonTracy is a stylist who took on every challenge and won in this industry. She is young and unafraid to do it all. Tracy is the owner of a very successful salon in Maine. She also spent years studying under one of the top hair color and cosmetic chemists in our industry. She is an absolute wealth of information and one of the nicest and most humble educators in the biz. Coastline Enterprise is lucky to have her.

SONJA ENGELS - Senior National Educator FL

Sonja Engels has over 25 years of experience in the hair industry. She has been trained by top influencers in the hair world Vidal Sassoon- Santa Monica, Jingles- NYC. Certified by over 10 hair color companies throughout her career. She has done classroom education at Premiere Orlando and America’s Beauty Show Chicago. She has also made an educational video for Regis on updos. Dedicated to always inspiring and delivering universal education without the fluff. “I will always share what ever information I can for the greater good, anything to raise the bar and help any hairdresser that has the passion to succeed!”

KIM MESSING - Senior National Educator MA

Kim Messing has over 32 years of experience in the professional salon industry as a stylist, salon owner, and educator. Kim’s success is based on her authenticity, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence through education. She has an ability to connect with other salon professionals through her passion, which inspires others to work smart and be great at what they do. Kim is an American Board Certified Colorist.

JEANNE RIDLEY - Senior National Educator MA

Jeanne is a Senior National Educator with Coastline Enterprise, teaching stylists and salon owners the best practices for coloring and designing hair. As an American Board-Certified hair colorist, Jeanne has more than 25 years of industry experience behind-the-chair. She believes continued education is an important part of a hair stylist’s career. She has received many advanced certificates in cutting and coloring through industry leaders for her technical achievements. Jeanne loves to spend time with her family, ski, ride her motorcycle, cook and do adventurous activities that are outside her comfort zone. Jeanne’s favorite word is HAPPY. “I feel happy, when I can make someone else happy with a smile.”

TABITHA BLACK - Senior National Educator AZ

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Tabitha is an educator and salon owner. Her understanding of haircolor chemistry, design, and formulation are her strength. She can teach a class to the most advanced stylists and give them something new. With 20 years of experience in the professional beauty industry, a salon owner, and stylist she has the knowledge to be considered one of Coastline Enterprise's Senior National Educators and we are thrilled to have her.


GISELLE BLOOMFIELD - Senior National Educator MI

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Giselle is a 10 year veteran with a 20 year experience mentality. A true creative artist, her uncanny aptitude for haircolor and design shows in her work. As a successful salon owner and educator she brings it all to the classroom every time. She is a “never miss her class” kind of educator.


ASHLEIGH BOLT - Senior National Educator MI

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Hair, make-up, extensions, and salon owner, she is a quadruple threat educator. Passionate about teaching and her salon, Ashleigh’s talent to create color design and formulation set her apart. Her all around balance in chemistry, design, and business puts her on Coastline Enterprise’s Senior National Educator list.


REBECCA HOHLA - Senior National Educator OH

Rebecca Hohla Educator Thumbnail

Rebecca has over 15 years experience behind the chair. Her in depth knowledge of the products she’s teaching about is at a new level. She will execute a formula, treatment, and at home care with precise accuracy. Her information of hair and products is second to none. Her ability to communicate what she is teaching leaves the room feeling totally empowered. Another superstar for Coastline Enterprise.


Kristen Velletri Educator Thumbnail

Kristen is a “get to the facts” educator. Her mission is to share knowledge, passion, and love with everyone in the room. Kristen’s ability to understand and communicate the information is great. She is an accomplished stylist and salon owner. She has the experience and knowledge to get the job done and done right. Kristen is a great asset to our team.


Nicole Gray Bang educator thumbnail

Nicole is a future rock star educator. Professional beauty industry, look out for Nicole! She took to haircolor chemistry like a fish to water. Along with her amazing eye for design and beauty, she is going to be a star. Her knowledge of products in the salon and at home care is amazing.



Melyssa Ganas Educator ThumbnailMelyssa in one of those educators who just “get’s it”. She understands the room, the stylists, and the topic. Her natural approach is refreshing. Stylists feel comfortable with the fact that she is an expert, completely knowledgable in many subjects in our field. Welcome Melyssa, we are ecstatic to have you.



Nicole Frazee Educator Thumbnail

Valerie is a veteran educator working for a couple of different companies in our industry. That knowledge and experience makes her one of Coastline Enterprise’s up and coming educators. She also has an acting background making short films and appearances. This combination makes her classes not only informative but fun. She has an ease about her that is infectious. Don’t miss one of Valerie’s classes they are fact based and entertaining.



Allison Alecia Educator Thumbnail

Allie is the sweetest educator. She is kind and passionate about learning and teaching. She always has a smile on her face and is one of the most talented stylists we have on our team. She makes everyone in the class feel happy and excited to learn. She is a gem and we are thrilled to have her on our team.