Chroma-7 Highlighting Tips

It is highly recommended to clarify the hair before any chemical service to remove residue and metals that will interfere with the process. An application of Get Pure will insure this important first step for superior color.

  • Chroma-7 is not recommended for use on damaged, relaxed or previously bleached hair.
  • Mix one scoop of Chroma-7 one-step lightening & coloring powder with one ounce of Chroma-7 developer. (One scoop is about one-half oz or 15 grams, and mixing ratio is one part powder and two parts developer. Use 20 volume for subtle lift and deep colors, and 40 volume for extra lift and brighter colors.
  • Use only off-scalp methods. Always process under heat. Dryer temperature for the color process should be set to “medium”. Avoid hot dryers as they may affect the color negatively, as do cool dryers.
  • Important: Apply Chroma-7 generously, working with small sections of hair. In many cases, such as when using bright colors, re-applying product from the bowl mix to the foil after the first 10 minutes of processing will result in deeper and brighter colors.
  • Light hair may process in as little as 10 minutes. Dark, tinted, or coarse hair may require more than 25 minutes of processing. Check the progress of color frequently.
  • In a few cases with heavily tinted hair, the lift may not reach the optimum level. In this case a generous application of Re-Vibe Color Refresher at the end of the application will increase the vividness of the color.
  • Blue color is the most challenging shade to develop due to the strong interference of the orange base of the natural hair pigment. In order to achieve a bright blue, the above steps 1- 6 should be closely followed.