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15 October

Color Washout

Problem: Color Washout If hair is contaminated with metals, then dye molecules will not be allowed enough time to penetrate deeper inside the hair fiber and they deposit color mostly on the surface. This leads to eventual washout of the deposited color. Sometimes, however, hair may not be contaminated with metals but it may be quite porous so that color deposited inside the hair will leach out through the enlarged pores with repeated washing. The Solution: Get Pure, High Radiance and Re-Vibe Color Refresher If …

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15 September

Metal Buildup in the Hair

What is the Source of Metal Build-up in the Hair? Metal build-up in hair is unavoidable. Well water, metallic pipes, swimming pools, and even several cosmetic products contain all sorts of metals which bind to the hair. Binding of these metals is so strong that once they are captured by the hair, they cannot be washed off with regular shampoos. As a result, there is gradual build-up which only gets worse with time. The extent to which minerals in general bind to hair depends on …

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15 August

Swimmer’s Green Hair

Problem: Unsightly Swimmer’s Green hair: Swimmers’ green hair (also referred to as Green Hair Syndrome) is the greenish tint observed in the blond hair of swimmers. It has been determined that the greenish tint in the hair of swimmers is the result of copper build-up from swimming pools which are frequently treated with algaecides to kill algae. Copper is a major ingredient of those algaecides. Swimmers’ green is not due to chlorine as some people erroneously think, although chlorine intensifies the process. This green hair …

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15 July

Mixing and Designing New Colors

Yellow, Blue, and Red are the primary colors of the color wheel. From these you may create any color you can imagine. Mix primary colors together or with other Lights & Shades powder colors for the most exciting creative coloring you’ve ever done. Note: The mixtures and colors below are approximations only and it is recommended to strand test before full application of shade. For ease of measuring, standard plastic kitchen measuring spoons were used. Tsp = level teaspoon, Tbsp = level tablespoon

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15 June

Coloring Pre-Lightened Hair

Fact 1: Using Lighteners on Pre-lightened Hair is not Recommended It is not recommended to use Chroma-7 one-step lightening & coloring powders or any other lightener on hair which is already pre-lightened because bleach rules must be followed. Fact 2: Re-Vibe Color Refreshers Work Well on Pre-lightened Hair Re-Vibe color refreshers are designed to be used on hair which has already been pre-lightened either with Chroma-7 one-step lightening & coloring powders or with any other regular bleach on the market. If Chroma-7 powders were used …

Challenges of Coloring Dark Hair Blog Post
15 May

Working with Dark Hair

Fact 1: Lightening Dark hair is a Very Challenging Task Dark hair is heavy on the natural pigment melanin, which comes in two varieties: Black eumelanin, and red pheomelanin. When hair is bleached, black melanin breaks down faster than the red melanin. As a result, hair bleaching exposes unpleasant reddish undertones. The intensity of these undertones depends on how dark the starting hair level is. To neutralize the exposed undertones, hairdressers follow hair bleach with a second toning step. Besides being time consuming, the double …

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15 April

One-Step Color Highlighting

Fact 1 : Highlighting Hair with Color is Challenging Highlighting dark hair with color used to be a long messy double process because bleach and color don’t mix. Hair had to be bleached first to remove natural pigment and then colored in a second step. This double process normally takes at least two hours if everything goes well. Hairdressers could book only a limited number of clients per day. Fact 2 : Chroma-7 Makes Color Highlighting so Easy The patented Chroma-7 technology from L’Avant Garde …

Blonding Blog Post Photo
15 March

One-Step Blonding & Toning

Fact 1: Traditionally, Lightening and Toning Hair is a Lengthy Double-Process  When hair is lightened, unsightly brassy undertones are exposed. In the past, hair bleaching was a laborious double process where hair bleach is applied first, rinsed out, and a toner is applied in a second step. The reason for this is that bleach tends to destroy hair dyes. The double process normally takes two hours or more, and hairdressers could book only a limited number of clients per day. Fact 2: With Chroma-7, Fact …

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15 February

Time Is Money

Fact 1: Double Process Highlighting is Time Consuming and Messy The traditional double process method of hair lightening and toning is time consuming and limits the options of the hairdresser to use time efficiently and profitably. Two to three hours may be needed to achieve major color change especially on dark hair. Therefore fewer services are possible in one day, and clients are tied down to a chair for hours. Fact 2: Chroma-7 One-step System Eliminates Double Processing With Chroma-7, dramatic color change is possible …

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15 January

Chroma-7 Highlighting Tips

It is highly recommended to clarify the hair before any chemical service to remove residue and metals that will interfere with the process. An application of Get Pure will insure this important first step for superior color. Chroma-7 is not recommended for use on damaged, relaxed or previously bleached hair. Mix one scoop of Chroma-7 one-step lightening & coloring powder with one ounce of Chroma-7 developer. (One scoop is about one-half oz or 15 grams, and mixing ratio is one part powder and two parts developer. Use …