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30 March

Business Power Hour 3-30-2020

Join Leo Lapierre as he discusses some of the tough topics that 2020 has to offer salon owners and stylists. Get down to business. Business Power Hour We are now live with Coastline Education CEO – Leo LaPierre Posted by Coastline Education on Monday, March 30, 2020   Class Resources Download the WorkSheet (PDF)   Information on the CARES Act & Updates on the Families First Act Last Friday provided important developments on many fronts. Primarily we now have information on the CARES Act (Third …

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19 March

COVID-19 Response

We are all in this together. COVID-19 is quickly overwhelming email inboxes, newsfeeds and our collective sense of certainty.  During this time, it is essential that each of us practice simple, preventative measures as recommended by public health authorities and therefore effective immediately; Coastline Enterprise is taking the following steps to ensure smooth operations and non-impacted continuity and quality of service: All in-person classes will be conducted via online solutions. You’ll still get all the same great content in a safer virtual environment. We’ll take …

Group Learning Small for Education Blog Post
15 February


SALON EDUCATION… THE REAL TOOLS OF THE TRADE   Are you ready to make a change? We’re waiting for you. As a company that prides itself in meeting customer TRAINING needs, we can ensure that you get the training you need, quickly and for a competitive price. Don’t delay getting what you need from a company that cares about its customers.

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15 January


Our goal is to bring you the “Best” in hair color, business and technical education. “Real Education, For Real Stylists, For Real Clients” Coastline recognizes how our industry continues to be bought & sold and as a result your salon pays the price. Over the counter and internet resources are telling your clients that they can do it better than you. Our goal is to give the power back to you! We are a grassroots company of working stylists, salon owners, educators and business-minded individuals …

Extend Hair Color Photo Blog Post
15 December

Tips to extend the life of hair color

Q. Dr. Said, I would like your expert opinion and some tips on how to improve the lasting effect of hair color? Jessica, Alexandria, VA A. Jessica, here are some key steps that will enhance the longevity of hair color: Before applying color, make sure the hair is clean and free of metallic buildup. Metals are the worst enemy of hair color. Apply the color to the hair generously; making sure the hair is well covered and saturated. More often, coverage is poor because the …

Photo for Blog post about Translucent and Opaque
15 November

Translucent vs. Opaque hair color

Q. I am confused about the terms, opaque and translucent. In the color classes I attended, educators used those terms in describing their line of color. I thought if the color was light it was translucent and as the colors get darker they become more opaque. The educators say “no,” their darker colors are translucent as well. Is that a good thing? Sandra, San Francisco, CA A. The words translucent and opaque came into existence as descriptive terms with the introduction of demi-permanent hair colorants, …

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15 October

Processing hair color with or without heat

Q. Dr. Said, I have another question for you. Most manufacturers recommend to process hair color at room temperature. But there are others who teach to process under heat. What is your opinion on this? Does heat give better color? Donna, Sweeny, TX A. Donna, it is always recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions because each color line is designed to work under a specific set of conditions. Heat no doubt speeds up color development and dye diffusion into the hair and you may be …

Added Photo to go with Oxidizers explained post
15 September

Effect of oxidizers on hair dyes and hair melanin

Q. Dr. Said, I was wondering if you could give me a description of how oxidation opens the cuticle, disperses the melanin and binds the intermediates. As I have heard it has to do with the covalent bonds of the Oxygen and Hydrogen and the heat produced by the exchange of atoms. I have never had a chemist explain the process to me and I am very interested in knowing the specifics. Also, how are eumelanin and pheomelanin different from each other and is melanin ever gone completely …

Hair Color photo to go with keep lasting color blog post
15 August

The myth of organic natural hair color

Q. Dr. Said I have been hearing a lot about natural and organic as well as PPD-free hair color. Is there such a thing as organic or natural hair color? And if so, could you recommend any of those? Lea, Indian Wells, CA. A. First I cannot recommend a product because THERE ISN’T ANY. Unfortunately, some small manufacture’s try to play the fear factor in their advertisements to achieve a quick sale. Be aware of those. The only dye that you can find in hair …

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15 July

Metallic bowls, foils, and hair bleach

Q.  The instructions in the bleach I use indicate I should not mix bleach in a metallic container, I am assuming this means all types of metal bowls.  If that is the case why is it acceptable to place the bleach and hair between two pieces of foil (metal)? Andre, San Pedro, CA. A. The cautionary note against mixing bleach in metallic bowls dates back to the time when bowls were made mostly of copper or iron. Copper and iron were quite common and inexpensive …